So I have ~$30 for the rest of the month. Life = Hardmode
Pretty much sums it up. Everyone in my house is fucking broke as dicks. I have to feed 2 people counting myself. For 12-13 days. With around $30 and some change. Folks, if you were ever considering donating to the production of everything I do, now would be the do it on google play music. You get cool stuff. I get to eat. Everybody wins. For every $12 album I sell on google play music I see around $8 after google takes their cut. Anything will help. Thank you. This month is botched up because I had to buy a bunch of shit right away on the 1st. I'm lucky I even have the $30 I've got now. Which is going to go away for 4 days worth of food (hopefully). So I'm pretty much straight fucked for the rest of the month. I'm not begging. I'm just saying that if you've ever thought about donating; now would be the time. Next month I'm starting a new YouTube channel for Liquid Horizons. Had to buy a bunch of stuff this month to support that.