So i wanted to prove a point....

Yep, i'm still procastinating. sorry... Anyway, 

Remember those times you told yourself you weren't good enough? I do, and i drew.

Remember when you were convinced that you just weren't meant to be an artist?  I do, and i drew. 

Remember when you compared your art to that of seriously over skilled artists?   I do, and i drew. 

Remember when you want to give up because anatomy is just - not - working - like -it's -supposed - to - do?   I do, and i drew. 

I still do, all of these things... I look at my art and think is rubbish, but then i look at my older art. Art that now i wanna burn because i think it looks really bad. Art from my "I rule at this, phase" (yeah i had a phase like that). And i am honestly surprised on how much i've accomplished. like, art wise. I wouldn't even have dreamed of drawing Bretta like i drew her for the last update, Last month... You can do it. We all can.

Art is not a gift.

It's a dicipline.


Draw not till you are pleased, no. Draw till you can't make anatomy mistakes. 


close ups of the comparison images below