So it begins...
In 2008, Sidereus was created as a dream of something greater. My hope

was that we could create a LARP community that could exemplify what was

possible for Live Action gaming as a hobby. With more than seven years under our belt at this point, we have learned a great deal. The good and the bad have intermingled and we have a long list of successes and failures behind us.

As we have grown, so too has the internet community. Our ability to communicate with our players and fans has improved over the years to the point where we can now offer much more in terms of content and support for Sidereus in ways the we could only dream of before.

This Patreon will allow us to offer content that not even our Legacy or Founder members have access to in the hopes of drumming up additional support so we can continue to forage forward.

I hope you will join us.