So it begins!
The last few months has essentially been prep, in a way. Getting things set up, making decisions, scoping out plans and goals.

This weekend is when it begins! My (side) career as an author, publisher, creator.... Okay, so I'm already those in the sense I do write, I have a novel and some stories published, stuff like that. But I'm attending my first con this weekend as an author and not just an attendee: OryCon 38. The first time I'll be at a table, the first time I'll have business cards, first time with promotional materials, selling physical copies of my books, first time with a newsletter signup sheet.... This will be the first time I'll actually be out there, doing the things! And after this weekend, there will be social media followers, and people curious about the Patreon, and newsletter subscribers, and people looking for content!

And so it begins, this weekend, where I will have people looking to me to produce, and interact, and I'm so excited! After this weekend I'll be creating more, and doing all the things I've wanted to do for so long and have been slowly preparing for. (Improving my grammar is not high on the list. That's for editors.)

(...nuts, I'm an editor.)

So, if you're reading THIS, in fact, because you came over here from oryCon, well, welcome! You've just discovered a "new" author literally just starting their empire, er, hovel, in the landscape of creators and merchants! You, good person and curious seeker of, uhm, curious things for which people might seek... I thank you for being one of the first to support (even with just your eyeballs and a moment of your time and attention!) me and this new endeavor!

I do hope you'll stick around, keep checking back, maybe even become a patron! Thank you! And, I'll be seeing you around. :)