So it took me a while
Hi dear Patrons, as you can read in my post about my sabbatical, turned out to actually be a burnout preventing sabbatical, it took me a while to get back on my feet again.  New energy, new ideas and insights hopefully can bring my and our organisation onto the next level of transformation. Last week i started working again, some say too early, but i have the feeling i can handle it and there is no time to be lost. We'll see, i am fortunate to have great family and friends and also very supportive board and other colleagues. 

One of the results of my sabbatical I quited Radboudumc for 1 day a week (as of November 1st) to only do fun stuff on that particular day that energizes me. I’m especially eager to evangelising/speaking/exploring cross-overs, and i will be organizing transformation tours, so stuff that reloads my batteries. To be honest this also is due to (the lack of) speed of uptake and adoption, I know that still takes time, but it doesn’t correlate with my ambition and passion and affects my health. I expect 1 day a week should be fine to find the need balance back again.

So I have to bridge this phase, as it all WILL happen for sure. We’re at “the end of the beginning”, hence the title of the new book. 

One of the good things that came out of that is i had the time, and piece of mind, to read a lot and sharpen my mind for the book.  Starting to read the backlog of articles i had saved for later read almost every article brought additional insight and some even made me jumping on bringing that knowledge into practice, while the next article stated the opposite ;-) So i learned to read and read and read and next digest all of that.

In my Patreon post about "the Innovation Bulb" i am sharing with you some of my notion upfront and am curious to your feedback. 

As the book progresses i also wanted to ask you first your opinion about the cover. It is just a first attempt but tell me what you think. Does it resonate with your perception of what i am writing, or what is needed ? 

Next i had the idea of asking some of my Patrons to write a blurb of -let's say 150 to 300 words- on the topic of the chapter to be included in the book, incorporating some of your views in the book. Is that something that would work for you ? If so how would that work the best. I could put some of the chapter titles overhere and you could throw some ideas about those in the air so i could see if there is a match with the content of the chapter.  Tell me what you think!