So It's official!
Looking forward to this.

So following on from our last post I thought it best to put the complete poster on as well. If their is any other work that catches your eye be sure to check them out. We will probably see you there in the audience and on stage. 

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Upper Circle
$1 or more per month
A great view to see all the action from above.

For supporting us here we can offer our biggest thanks for supporting the arts, especially with such an important message as mental health awareness. 

This level also helps towards funding our rehearsal hire!


Dress Circle
$5 or more per month
Slightly closer to the action, surrounded by the community.

For supporting us here you really make a difference to the spaces we can rehearse in and amount of time we can invest!

At this tier we would be honoured to put your name on our credits as a special thanks to your generosity.

$10 or more per month
Upfront and next to the action, an immersive experience with family and friends.

This amount of donation allows us to start funding Confidence through Drama for children in schools, that might otherwise not be able to afford it.

As a special thanks, we offer you two free tickets to our next production near you, plus have your name as a credit on our brochures and website.

Personal Balcony
$30 or more per month
Overseeing the whole venue with room to stretch!

We would love to offer you two free tickets to the next production near you. Plus post a personalised Stand Tall Theatre T-shirt.

On stage
$50 or more per month
Scary but so worth while!

At this tier we recognise your support and will credit you on all our filmed work and in our programs  as producers for supporting the key function of our performance activities. 

We offer all previous rewards, plus a personalised Stand Tall Theatre T-shirt and Jumper posted to you.

Stand Tall Combo
$65 or more per month
All previous rewards, plus backstage passes to the next production near you.

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