Hey guys, as you may have seen, I haven't posted a video on my channel for 5 days, that is because I usually pre record my content to work around such a busy schedule as I spend most of my time at work as I work very weird shifts whether that be Mornings, Afternoons or Nights. 

I had about 10 days worth of content lined up, recorded and ready to go and they released as scheduled but due to other things happening IRL i've had not had any time to record even a 10 minute video as I have basically lived at work for the past 2 weeks. In the spare minutes i've had I have been working on getting the band back in order as we have all been busy lately with our own lives and fortunately we have found that creative spark again needed to get things going in the right direction. I will have some VERY important news regarding the band in the coming months and I have very mixed feelings regarding such and will be making a video on that in the future when I can find the right words to say on that matter

And frankly the rest of the time i've had I have been trying to find 4 hours a day to sleep so to tell you all truthfully, I'm genuinely exhausted.

With my 10 (ish) days off coming up at the end of this week I will hopefully be able to get the channel back on track with daily content (I'm rendering a video out while I type this actually soooo MULTI TASKING!!) 

I will make sure to try get a couple of streams in during my time off too as I really miss the interaction and feel quite distant from everyone lately because of my lack of being on the internet. 

Honestly, i'm just rambling now but I felt like this was a good way to TRY get out what i've been up to and maybe to put my thoughts into perspective? I have no idea, i'm far too tired to think about correct sentance structures right now XD 

I hope you are all well

Thankyou so much for your continued support

Much love