So, I've submitted to two shows this month.
Which is like, a record for me. Small things, not dedicated gallery spaces. A spa, one I've shown in before (owned by family, Steve's cousin), and a show hung in a huge local Craft Brewery that cost me $25 to reserve a space in. Which I see as cheaper than most jury fees, cheaper than booth fees, and I don't have to hang the show or handle the marketing/promotion beyond getting to say I have work in public. 

I'm not going to lie - submitting made me a bit anxious. I've had enough shitty experiences with showing my work that it's not something I enjoy doing. (I usually get the my kid could do that look, which feeds rampant insecurity already present. I don't have tough skin, I guess.) But more than that, it's... complicated feels I still haven't worked out yet. Showing is weird for me. Hell, being even in a minor spotlight or focus of attention makes me freak out a bit. Go figure. ;)

Anyway, so... the conversation in the link happened today, and... I wanted to share it with y'all. I'm making a point of at least writing more, even if finished work is slow to appear. <3 Thank you for your patience and support while I get my artist guts in order. <3