So long no see and an YouTube Video
Hello everyone, how are you?

I´m here to talk a little with you, about some changes I was planning to make here, on my Patreon Page for a while.

For real, I was thinking of it since I moved to my new home, because I was feeling that the things would change too much, and I wouldn´t be able to create so many posts here as I used to do.


When I started on Patreon, I wasn´t working, so, all my free time was to create, study, painting, and I could post here frequently. 

But my baby now is big, and I had (and wanted) to come back to work.

Most of it, I really needed to come back to work, because of a lot of family and personal problems we had.

And why I am saying this...

To explain to you, that from now, at least for a while, I´ll try a new format on my page.

Almost everything will be free, because I will use posts from my Instagram, and my blog, to be able to have more frequency.

Will I have some exclusive only Patreons posts? yes, I will, but not right now, because I really need to put my life on track again, because things got really serious here.

With all of this, you can support me if you really like my work, and I can say that will be a huge help, specially with everything that it´s going on in my life right now. 

And if my Patreon Page starts to help me pay my bills, and buy my materials, then I can come back to produce exclusive and special posts for you again with frequency, ok?

That saying, I wanna thank you all, and ask you to help me share my work with your friends and family. and If you think someone will like my page, let them know ;)

I hope you like this space as much as I do.

And don´t miss my first YouTube Video, on my Channel Sabrina Eras