So many new Photos on my homepage!
I’ve been busy updating my GAMES page with new gameplay screenshots and photos. There are new visual  teases from my student years, working in collaboration with some great  people I met at Shenkar.
And, you can finally see photos from my board/card Games, I’m really proud of them.

On March 26th, Adobe announced that it will no longer support Muse, the  visual web editor I use to design this homepage. So, I want to finish  “Phase 1” and complete all I wanted to implement on this webpage, and  remove those “under construction” banners.
After that, I’ll look  into finding a suitable software for my abilities, and practically build  this whole webpage again from the start…

 Happy Passover (if you celebrate it), and have a sweet weekend

Sincere Hugs,
Yuval Ben-Hillel