So many words
The principal at one of the 3 soon to be 4 schools I work at took me aside to congratulate me on my comment writing for last semester's reports. He said I'd managed to write something meaningful, personal and warm for every individual student (about 170 at this particular school) with only had one suggested change. I was incredibly thankful for this acknowledgement, as I had worked hard to make a real, specific and individual observation on each student. I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to music and take the teaching of the subject cery seriously. Of course that negative voice inside my head also thought 'I just used writing tricks to make all the comments look warm and personal' because anxiety/imposter syndrome, but I am getting better at taking a compliment and acknowledging my own worth. Anyway, here's a photo of a wall of lyrics written for a few different songs by some of my grade 3 students (at another school!). With my guidance 16 new complete songs were created by primary school students in the last 6 months and I'm super proud of all the work the kids do. Earl