It's really high-season now for both my Dayjob and YouTube... I apologize for my prioritization with Community3Dprinter, but holy moly it's fun stuff going on right now. That stuff is eating ALL the time I got.

First off I just got back home from a visit to Sinterit in Poland. Sinterit are the creators of the LISA SLS 3D Printer and were kind enough to invite me over for a few days of testing their system and filming. I got to design, print, process and bring back my own 3D-model. I also got an in-depth interview with both a co-founder Konrad, and Mechanical Engineer Konrad seen here (yes, two Konrads!), which should lead to some great information for you all. There's lot of editing to do, so probably nothing will be up the coming week... we'll see!

Hopefully you saw that I got a L2 Resin 3D-printer that claims to be SLA (but i suspect DLP) and I'm in full order making projects, recording a review. It will take more time, but I have a few fun things planned with it. Suggestions for models to print is always fun! Right now i'm waiting for more resin to try with 3rd party resins, which should be more interesting.

I have a ton of ideas, including resin printers and FDM printers that involves molds. I ordered some stuff to start trying and the plan is a few videos on different projects, that involves 3D-scanning, resin, molds, concrete and DIY!


I'm also in the talks of 3 new machines for reviews and projects. The biggest one is for professional use cases and really strong materials, which would be a cool contrast to the other two more budget-machines. 

With other words exciting times and I'm working on more ways to include you, my patreons more. It's a struggle with "2" jobs and balancing that with social life and all the different platforms. I think Patreon is amazing, but I'm not sure how to be able to provide something extra for Patreons right now.  Having your support is the best, I really hope you can keep the spirits up while I focus on YouTube content that you support. Soon i'll be able to favorise Patreons a bit more :)

Thank you all!