So Much Happening! (+ A Holiday Gifting Idea)
Dear patrons,

I hope your holidays are so beautiful! Thank you for being here. I have been working ferociously on the manuscript for Ansible: Season Two; it is nearly complete, though there is still a lot of layering to do in these stories yet. Each day, it's closer.

Also, I've dropped the price on the five-ebook set of The Zombie Bible to $0.99 until midnight Friday, with the thought of (a) inviting in as many new readers as possible, and (b) making it possible for some of my readers who are on a tight, tight budget to do some holiday gifting.

If you would like to gift the set to a friend, you can find both the kindle and nook ebook deals here:

I'm really excited to say that a lot of copies of selling; I woke to find the Silver Edition set ranked this morning:

#110 on the Amazon Kindle (across all ebooks)
#2 in Horror
#1 in Dark Fantasy

Wow. Just wow. Those are very temporary rankings of course -- they won't last -- but it does mean that a lot of books have sold in the past day. I hope that many new readers will enjoy the books! While the deal is live, please share the word, gift it, and just generally celebrate with me. We'll be back up to full price this weekend.

May your winter holidays be blessed!

Stant Litore

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