So October Happened...
Thanks everyone for being patient with this post. It was supposed to be up two days ago, but... well, it's up now. (Or it will be as soon as I hit publish and so it will be up when you read this.)

Business first:

The funds for maintaining the SJWishlists Buffer account and gifting people things through the SJWishlists got used as promised last month. I'm accountable to you all about that, so I like to tell you.

October was a fairly rough month for me. It probably seems like a common refrain to you now, but this lower dose of Vyvanse has been KICKING. MY. ASS.

This month in particular everything seemed to sort of snowball. Although I have been basically maintaining in terms of getting my prior commitments taken care of, I haven't been able to focus enough to do other things I've wanted to do.

This was my want-to-do list for October.   

  • Contacting TeePublic about affiliating.
  • Figuring out how much I can afford to budget to supporting others' patreons and starting that.
  • My birthday livetweet and gif'ing of Young Frankenstein (on Oct. 31, my birthday).
  • Continuing to work on ongoing projects.
  • At least one new MDD design.
  • The survey.

I got... three or four things of that list done.

I contacted TeePublic about affiliating. I got approved. Unfortunately, I got approved with a shop name I didn't realize I'd be stuck with and I've been waiting to hear from my dedicated account... helper person to talk about changing it.

I did not work on that budgeting/Patreon thing. That gets pushed forward to this month, fingers crossed.

I did about half of my birthday livetweet. Young Frankenstein is a really quotable, gif-able movie. This is probably going to take years.

I did continue to work on ongoing projects. In fact, I ended up realizing that I needed to more or less completely restart the Disability Flashcards 101 project, which was previously simply a Twitter thread and now has a dedicated page on my blog and got me an inquiry about working with an organization. I have not been able to focus enough to respond.

Tracking the #Dis101Cards project page with analytics showed me that there's still fairly robust Disabled community on Facebook, which led me to decide that I need to advertise the TeePublic Affiliate store on Facebook when it launches. So I decided to practice with my own shop. There's now a Model Deviance Designs Facebook page. I still hate Facebook.

I don't think I managed to post a new MDD design after all. Instead, I spent a lot of energy making a new, easier-to-browse MDD catalog on Twitter

I also didn't get the survey worked on. At all.

Other things I did:

My blood pressure is apparently okay now. I had a rough go of it at first because the first blood pressure cuff I got to use at home was apparently wrong for my arm so I couldn't do home measurements to show anyone but I got a different machine and my blood pressure looks good. A little low, if I'm honest, which concerns me so I have to communicate that to my FNP.

In the meantime, I get to go back up to my old dose of Vyvanse... midmonth. I can't refill my prescription until then. So I'm in a waiting game, but at least the end is in sight.

I created another Dis101Cards... card.

CW: Food

I (impulsively) tried a home meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh, and it turned out to be one of the best impulsive decisions I've ever made. I surprised myself by being able to follow the directions without completely ruining the food. It was just a great experience all around. It's not like I can afford to do this regularly though. I had a discount code. But still, it was pretty awesome.

Food talk over.

I have been quite brainfoggy lately so I'm probably forgetting about other things that happened in October.

For November... we'll see. I really want to finally make progress on projects that have been neglected too long.

Thanks for your continued support and patience with me. I couldn't do this without you!

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