So, Patreon has changed their minds!
 Cherie, Executive Producer and Head Herder of Cats, here!

We all spoke, and we all shouted, and Patreon listened, and the changes to the fee structure will not be happening as scheduled--or at all.  Their apology is detailed and seems sincere, and I am so unspeakably relieved.

So what happens now?  Well, first, we continue as we have.  We will continue to offer our many levels and will begin to roll out more regular blog posts and videos which were on hold until we figured out if we were going to migrate to a different service.  Please keep an eye on here for many updates in the coming year!

If you deleted your pledges due to the coming fee structure, welcome back.  If you didn't, thank you for staying.  We will continue striving to be worthy of your patronage.