So, Patreon is back to normal. (Read edit)
Edit 14/12: Nevermind. They fixed it now. 

If you already haven't heard the news - Patreon was going to change the ways transactions fees are charged but they reverted it because people asked for it, so thank you everybody!

Explanation of the problem: (If you want to know about the problematic keep reading)

While its underlying structure is the same (2.9% plus $0.35 per transaction/pledge, and Patreon's 5% off the final value), the way it's charged is changed.

Previously, when you pledged $1, you literally only paid $1.
Us creators, we are charged that fee (so your $1's really $0.56 for us).
When you pledged $5, that's about $4.25 for us, $0.25 in Patreon fees and $0.50 in transaction fees.

Today, your $1 pledge is $1.39 because $0.39 is the transaction fee ($0.04 plus $0.35) and we get $0.95, and $5 pledges are now $5 plus $0.50 in fees because that whole dollar now does not include that transaction fee.

Granted, while it means more money for us... It means you guys have to pay more, and well... Pricing structures are really going to get messed up as $5, is not $5 anymore; it's $5.60...

Could be a move by Patreon to get more money into both theirs and our pockets, or an idea that sounded good at the planning stage (but terrible in reality); we don't know.

So, what can we do about it?
Well, we are going to abolish all tiers, and make $1 the minimum (well, $1.38).

We trust that you are still willing to keep us afloat. As for what you can do... Well, lower your pledges by $1. Those who are donating at least $22, well... It gets more complicated (for every $33 above $22, rounding up, subtract an additional dollar).

This (pledge tier abolishment) should be done by the end of the year.

So why abolish all the tiers?
When we set this up, we initially wanted it to be similar to be an early-access game. You paid money, you get an app... Or at least "part" of a app with the assurance we're using the money to finish it.

The only problem? We're not getting enough money to even just cover working on this for a few hours a month... And that's also a terrible idea because it would mean this app would take forever to develop.

So, we asked you all if you would be fine with us releasing everything for free, and removing the guarantee and making it less "early-accessy", and you all didn't mind (which is good) while turning it into a "donation in good faith".

However, it's very obvious that we have our lives ahead of us and we are not developing this full time, though if someone does generously donate enough to meet our wages, we'd be happy to go full time.

When will this happen?
In a few days.

Oh yeah, and what about us keeping our benefits after quitting Patreon?
Um, yes and no. You'll keep your Patreon tags on the Discord server and all existing Patreons (past and present) will be part of a secret society. You only need to pledge once to get into it.

Commissions will continue until finished as agreed and from hereonout, all builds are available to the public as we publish them; no Patreon required.

Though a warning: Less money will most likely mean there will be less time for us to work on it as we'll be spending more time keeping ourselves afloat. 

You can see Patreon's original post here: 

Edit: Some typos and grammar issues.