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So Sensitive
I've gotten it all my life: You're so sensitive.

I'm so sensitive.

I'm so sensitive, if you get a mosquito bite, I'll have an itch.

So sensitive, if you realize you don't like me so much, I'll get a violent 3 week long cough.

So sensitive, I'll lose my voice every time a scary family member visits-


I'm so sensitive I get turned on by bird cries.

So sensitive I can't sleep with the slightest noise,

or the slightest noise in my head,

or in the head of someone next to me,

or in the head of my neighbor.

So sensitive I love deeply and quickly and don't always discern.

You're so sensitive.

I'm so sensitive I want all the phones in the room turned off

and the music can't be too loud

and the car radio just barely on, on a commercial, not being listened to, MUST BE TURNED OFF.

So sensitive, I know most things about you,

I can feel your nutritional deficiencies,

your organ weaknesses, 

I know when you're tired, hungry, worried about money

I know when you have a "hidden" motivation,

oh trust me I know

before you do or say anything at all.

I'm so sensitive, if you lie to me and I don't figure it out,

I'll spend all weekend in bed crying,

not knowing why.

Sensitivity is for sissies.

Sensitivity is for the strong.

Sensitivity just is,

we're all so sensitive actually,

we're all so real

so much more alive than anyone else can handle,

yet if we were all that alive, it would be easier for us all to handle,

like children, we'd cry and tantrum and it'd be over.

We'd go back to radiating love and goodness without trying.

I'm sensitive to children.

So sensitive.

So sensitive I was to hold your little hand forever,

and I see everything I ever wanted in those 6 year old eyes.

So sensitive

so sensitive.