So that was a busy week...
Sadly, not all Mass Effect related. 

So besides my (mistreated) baby finally coming back to me, a whole bunch of other cool things went down. 

1. I got to make a salsa label.  A co-worker's boyfriend is trying to see if his salsa recipe is good enough for actual sale, so I helped develop a label for his sample jars. Can't wait to try the stuff out.

2. Busy helping do advertisements and site stuff for other freelance work. 

3. Getting more pages added to the site, we're hitting Mid April 1997 already for game releases. Hoping to hit May before actual April 2017 hits. Would put the site in good standing to get more demos added. 

4.  Finished Horizon, and aside from just finishing up pouch crafting...I could easily replay that game 4 more times. Just an outstanding new IP that deserves all the praise it can get. 

5.  About 8 hours in to ME: Andromeda and after the shock of the animation issues and the rather copious amounts of goddamn everything they throw at you in the first 2 hours, the game is finally getting its foothold on pacing and mission structure. There are so many cool little touches (my favorite so far being to actually see the planet you're at out the ship's windows), that you really can tell they tried pouring heart and soul into it.

It may not be the instant classic that the original ME was, but as a foundation for a new try and different takes, this really is solid ground. 

Midwest Gaming Classic is in two weeks already! Anyone else going?

We'll see you soon. :D