So that you can understand the Synthesaurus
Sorry, folks, no concrete Kross stuff today either. Just some words about the Synthesaurus and why he's doing the things he does (and very likely will stop doing those things in the near future).


You might have noticed that the Youtube channel  the Synthesaurus is posting his videos in is owned by a guy named "Keepshowkeeper". Well, the Synthesaurus and the Keepshowkeeper, as well as the Synth Girl (that does the basic synth tuts ), and the Oscilloraptor, are all just characters in my little one-man-show.

You know, one of my all-time-favorite PC games is called Dungeon Keeper, a very funny strategy game from 1997. I know everything there is to know about Dungeon Keeper (DK), and one fine day, I put all my knowledge onto a website, and I called that website . That was in 2010. It turned out that many many people still shared my love for the game, because ran extremly well. That's when I created the character of the Keepshowkeeper, because he was the Keeper of the website named Keepshow.

On you could find tips and cheats, strategy guides, tutorials on how to build your own levels, and most important: How to run that old game on modern operating systems. Now, I don't know if you know that, but Google has a free tool called "Google Analytics". That tool basically tells you how many people visit your website.

My little DK-site was visited by roundabout 2.000 people per month. There was a huge peak when EA released that piece-of-shit Dungeon Keeper Online fuck-of-a-game (in that month I had about 80.000 visitors), but in most months, it was about 2.000. I ran the site from end of 2010 to beginning of 2016, so let's say, for 5 years. So, in total, I guess the overall count of all visitors must have been around 5 (years) times 12 (months) times 2.000 (visitors) - equals 120.000 visitors within 5 years. It might have been more, but let's ignore that EA peak for now.

And here is the question to be asked!

Here's a simple question for you:

Guess how many of those 120.000 visitors of in those 5 years actually send me an email, thanking me for sharing my knowledge of DK? 

FYI: My email address was given on every single page, and of course on the contact page. You couldn't miss it. Another FYI: Google Analytics does not only tell you how many visitors you have on your website, but it also tells you the BEHAVIOUR of visitors: Which subpages they visited, and how long they stayed on those pages. That's why I know that the visitors were actually READING my texts.

So, back to my question: Guess how many of them send me an email saying "thank you". Know what? I'll give you multiple choice:

  • "Only half of them"
  • "Not even 10% of them"
  • "Well, let me calculate a bit. Even if every THOUSANDS of visitors felt the need to thank you, it must be at least 120 people"

Heres the number, folks: The number of thank-you emails I received in 5 years running is: Zero. Niente. Nada. Null.

Not that people DIDN'T send me emails!

Please note: I'm talking about emails that ONLY said "thank you". Actually, I got a lot of mails! Most of them sounded like this:

Hey, is great! Can you send me a copy of Dungeon Keeper?

or this:

Thank you, great site. Can you tell me the God-mode cheat for DK? (although I explained on the site how cheating goes in DK)

What I'm saying is: People sent me mails starting with a "thank you", just as a polite introduction to demand even more support. 

And here's why I'm telling you this

In January 2016, a year ago, I took offline. Do you have any idea in what way that affected my life? Can you imagine, how taking offline changed my personal world in the past year?

And the answer to this question ALSO is: Zero. Niente. Nada. Null. For me, it changed absolutely NOTHING, except for ONE thing: I don't have to care about maintaining that one website anymore. So: less work than before. That's all. Well, it might be a little harder now for people to learn about DK, and to get information like "how to run DK on Windows 10", but you know what? Fuck'em.

Now. What do you think would happen to ME (the real-life person) if I kill off the Synthesaurus? Taking all tutorials offline, no more Synthesaurus on Facebook and in the Korg Kross share group, just vanish from the internet. Here's what: Nothing. Nothing but having less work. More time for fun.

And all that, just because YOU are too lazy to leave a comment that has the following string of 6 characters. Just copy and paste it if your keyboard misses some of the keys to write it: