So This is Basically My Hero Academia!
Video's done! This was probably the hardest script to write out of all of them so far. My Hero Academia is just a solid anime/manga with no overt flaws and no overt AMAZING MOMENTS!!! Just an overall 7-9 ten show of sheer polish. Hopefully you guys like it!

And I also hope you enjoy the fabulous artwork of this video's illustrator, my very good friend Spectralfusion (aka Siv)! You can check out her stuff here:

Also, be sure to check out our guest VA for Tooru (invisible girl) Marissa Lenti! 


Well, that's another StiB down! And that means the So This is Basically Poll is open again! Looks like the next video is going to be the long-awaited JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episode! If you haven't already, be sure to cast your vote for the NEXT next video here: