So This is Basically Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

Shoutouts to TJ Bertino for his absolutely wonderful artwork, as per usual. You can check out his twitter here. Next month's video will be So This is Basically My Hero Academia with a new StiB artist at the helm, Siv! You can see some examples of her work on our 1Million Subs video and on her twitter.

Star Vs. was a fun show to parody because it does a ton of shit wrong but gets a lot better every season. I really love seeing the improvement. MHA will be harder to parody since I like pretty much everything about it. Oops!

I'll be posting the storyboards for this some time later (I'm busy as hell this month sorry) and I'll check real quick to see if there's any outtakes. I think I remember a handful, but not many!