So, this week's show topic has changed slightly...
The quick history here. About a week ago I did a charity Extra-Life fundraiser to test out some new flash apps I wanted to run with the event. I decided on "the Legend of Zelda", running on an emulator on my computer. I joked a few times that it wasn't the same playing with "WASD". Well, Matt and Gryph both took matters into their own hands, and decided I needed NES flat-panel controllers that are USB compatible. Matt's got here first, so I've been toying with it a little on the emulator. It's about as close to the original thing as I can get, realistically. The photo I'm using is my original NES controller next to the new USB one, it's the same damn controller. Like someone got the molds, and made a new version of it. I've been saying I want to do a revisit episode of old topics, and I think this is going to be the launch for it. So the "Why e-sports will fail" is being back-burnered for now. It's actually not a bad thing, if I wait for spring to really spring I'll get better footage. So a revisit from an old episode, I'm waiting for Gryph's to get here too so I can compare them, but overall, yeah.... I think it's time for an update on an old show.
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