So, today is the roll out for my Patreon page. I'm truly excited by the possibilities.   

Currently, I in the revision and edit phase of a book, Valor, Hope & Fish Breath (working title), and finishing up post production on a sea otter documentary. In the midst of those huge projects I started a new book project and made a trip to Tanzania for 20 days back in February for research.

Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. No, that never stops me from taking on new projects.

Our world is undergoing a difficult transition. We are seeing a rapid decline in animal species and some startlingly adverse changes to our global climate. It can be overwhelming and frightening to read about these dire issues. When I add my voice to these issues I do my best to center the stories on hope and heroes. After all, it's really inspiration and courage that will save us.

Patreon is an awesome way of connecting to the folks who like my work. Every ounce of support keeps me in the field, keeps me writing and photographing endangered species, and it keeps me talking about my experiences. Education is the key here.

The more people engage me on here, the more I am capable of writing and photographing. End of story – or, actually, beginning of many, many stories.

I plan to return to Tanzania next year and continue to learn about climate change adversity in the African Rift Valley. There's a whole hell of a lot to that story, too.

I am asking you to do one of two things: Become a monthly patron at any amount, or tell people about the work that I do.

I am grateful for your time and your support and I look forward to sharing some amazing stories with all of you. 

 Cheers! - Rick