So We Had a Baby
My wife and I welcomed our second child on Sunday afternoon. Boy number 2! I mention in the Q&As that we have a rule about the internet and information on the kids but maybe their names are okay at some point. One or two pictures wouldn't be too bad either.

My personal life leaks into my videos a bit too much for my liking but you guys here on Patreon are giving me money to make these videos, so you should know about these things when they come up. I'll keep it short because no one likes to hear someone go on and on about their kids.

I have absolutely no idea how much this will impact video output. My wife and I are far more experienced with babies after our first son in 2015. I also started making videos for the first time just before he was born. I was able to stumble my way through it all back then but my standards were also FAR lower for the video and audio quality.

Two kids also means they can disrupt each other's sleep but if today is anything to go by so far the new baby is a good sleeper.

I think it's important to be upfront about any issues so I'll say this plainly: there is a chance I won't be able to get anything done for the rest of the month. That's very unlikely because I've already managed to squeak in some channel-related work since coming home, but I feel strongly about being open about potential issues.

I've moved away from the "three videos a month" description and onto one based on video length now anyway, since almost three hours in one video is clearly "worth" more than many separate small videos (in most cases anyway, depends if you care about the game). I'm confident the channel will continue to average out to far more content per month than most other channels like mine, but still: please be informed about your pledge.

Thank you all for your support.

- Joe