So what do I like?
I said I like making music in the main part that everyone sees, but what does that entail? WELL I LIKE ALMOST EVERYTHING. I'll admit I have my dislikes in music: I can't sit listening for classical for too long, and if the song is mostly just one guy yelling over an awesome guitarist/bassist/drummer who should get paid more for the entire duration (I won't specify genre for this one cause I don't know what genre I was listening to) then I'm gonna stop listening then as well. But I love Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Dubstep, and even Country. (I know that last bit just lost me some patrons, sorry!)

But if I had to categorize myself under ONE thing, I'll say that I LOVE to rap. I can't freestyle worth a penny but I'm proud of what I write down. So one can expect to hear rap in a lot of what I do. Hopefully there are those of you who like that.

Also for anyone wondering how this will be structured most of what I put out is going to be free and public to all until I fully understand how and/or what content I make should be private. I'm still learning so if you're not interested in being a patron now that's COOL. Not kewl, but still cool. I just encourage you to come back another time once you think I'm worth yours.