So what happened to Somber?
Well, some good news.  I got a job.  Started last week.  It's a temp job, and only till the holidays, but it pays well and starts at full time.  With luck, I should make enough to move to Portland, provided nothing goes wrong.

So what does this mean for my writing?  Well, I'm still hoping to get a chapter of Homelands out in October.  Sadly, there have been some pretty rough times getting editing done.

As for November... I'd like to take another stab and Nanowrimo.  Maybe not something completely new.  I do that too much as is.  But it'd be good to get through freshmen year with Blum.  Just have to focus when I'm not working.

Sorry that I've been so quiet lately.  I haven't quit writing.  I'm just trying to get my life going somewhere.  Thanks for sticking with me and helping me get there.