So...What Is This Novel About?
Well I'm glad you asked...or I hope you did.

Rise of the Gemini is my brainchild of five (almost six) long years. At first I was stumbling in the dark and only recently have I felt my novel actually looks like well...a novel.


Rise of the Gemini:

Avyn Ayres is a mess. Filled with revolving anxiety and apathy Avyn's struggled through her life feeling equally helpless and trapped with only herself to rely on. When she returns to her hometown Malum, she's given an ultimatum: get a job or get kicked out. 

Resigning herself to a short life on the streets Avyn isn't prepared for five strangers to appear from thin air and demand she return with them to the Order of the Zodiac at once. After a close encounter with an angry demon, Avyn is ready to admit she might not know as much about the world as she first thought. She accepts the strangers' offer, embracing her position of Celestial Gemini, one of the Order's holiest warriors, while learning about an entire world she never knew existed. The first few months of Avyn's new life are peaceful despite the agonizing training.

But the more Avyn learns, the more she realizes something strange is happening in magic. The Zodiac's actions seem harsh and overly cruel towards their own people, a mysterious demon promises peace, and one of Avyn's new teammates is filled with more mysteries than magic as a whole. Will magic be her end? Or will Avyn find her place and rise?

Thank you for reading!