So what's up for August 2016?
In case anyone was wondering, here's what I'm hoping to get done for this month!

-Finish up the GM's Tarot Guide: This is actually pretty close to done as far as all the writing about things goes. My next step is to try each of the new spreads a few times, make sure they make sense, and make graphics for the final PDF.

-Get to work on Loaded God Complex: I've gotten a bit sidetracked by a few things the last few weeks, not the least of which was finishing and releasing that last game, the Olympics, the International, LCS finishing up, campaign shuffling (I won't be in the GM seat for a bit)... But I'll get back to this next thing! Promise.

-Working on freelance: Well, I did mention that I am more illustrator than game designer, right? Well, I'm currently working on concept art for a little indie cyberpunk game called Synth. You should check out the twitter for it!

And that's about it! I'm going to be playing in my first actual D&D campaign soon. That's exciting. For me mostly. But still! Make a pledge and look for updates as they come and things get released!

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