So... Who are we?

Sometime during spring of 2016, a woman named Sylvia Lee (the founder of ) came to the United World College of South East Asia in order to talk to the students about human trafficking. Prior to the talk, I had known little about the issue – so finding out about the traces of modern slavery in the food, sex, and clothing industries made me incredibly uncomfortable. Sitting in the audience, I (Astrid Wihman) felt inclined to do something – but at that stage, I wasn’t sure of what. 

After moving to Japan, I met Sylvan Lebrun – a musically-passionate activist-extrordinaire sophomore. Sylvan plays guitar, piano, and has had her poetry published. With her being the musical side, and me being the social media/marketing side, we embarked on a journey in which we would write five songs (a mini album). Now, we’re going to sell these songs here on Patreon, and all the proceeds will go to Anti-Slavery International ( ), the oldest international human rights organization in the world.