So....why the purple, why Olympus, and why the don't tread on me emblem?
Many of you will be getting a shirt from us in a few months. So, I thought maybe you would like to know where our colors and emblem comes from. First, the don't tread on me rattlesnake. I have caught some grief over that choice. The reason it is there is because it was a symbol of rebellion against the British in the war for our Independence. The timber rattlesnake it features was symbolic of America according to Benjamin Franklin. I also love timber rattlesnakes. I have long felt the reptile community is a bit rebellious, and we have to be vigilant to keep our rights. So, to the world don't tread on us and our freedoms to keep reptiles. The name, Olympus reptiles. Since I was a kid and got my first anole, I named my reptiles for mythology. He was Zeus (name is reborn with our Zebra bee). I have kept that tradition for a long time, so when I started a breeding hobby business Olympus seemed fitting. It is mt. Olympus where the Greek gods lived after all, so my reptiles named after "Gods" needed to live at Olympus as well. Purple. Well, I love purple. It is the color of my beloved Vikings. It is also the color of Kansas State University, located in Manhattan where I live. Purple is also the color of royalty. The God's rules all in mythology, so the color purple was fitting for Olympus. Our main focus is also ball pythons, known everywhere else as royal pythons. Again, purple was just fitting for Vikings, KSU, and royalty. So, when you get that shirt, with that comical slogan of want to see my balls understand more went into it than just a joke. I love to have humor, it makes the world better. But you also are wearing a piece of me. A piece a bunch of thought and planning went into. A piece I have sacrificed more hours than I can count for. A piece that I literally have bet my future on. I can't wait to continue to share that with all of you, and thank you again for your support.