So, you want to support KAG! Setup and FAQ

First of all - Thank you!

Support in any form from our players means a lot - but monetary support that helps us keep the lights on is especially appreciated!

Your contribution will help keep the game running sustainably; it helps pay for ongoing server hosting (both accounts and games), prompt support, and ongoing development including open source bounties.

It will also help you unlock some nice rewards in-game, but please be aware of what is involved before subscribing! We'd much rather have you aware of what's involved and satisfied long term, rather than frustrated with the process after you've already paid money.

Up Front Billing📅

Because your awards are largely available instantly (and those that aren't require some direct work from us), we bill up-front.

Somewhat unintuitively, Patreon has this implemented so that you pay the full amount as soon as you subscribe, and then again on the 1st of the next month to "sync up" with everyone else's billing schedule. Worst case scenario, you pay twice in 2 days, if you subscribed right at the end of the month.

This means you should be careful when you subscribe! The closer to the start of the month, the more cost effective to you - the closer to the end of the month, the more expensive. The same goes for increasing your pledge - decreases are "free" though and you will retain your highest tier reward until the next billing cycle.

Linking Accounts🔐

To get your rewards, you'll need to link various accounts to your Patreon account.

If you're having trouble getting linked at any stage, jump on discord and someone should be able to help you out.

Linking Patreon to your KAG Account

Please link your account so you can get in-game rewards.

You need to log into your account (up the top of the page) first. Once you're logged in, press the link your Patreon button, then confirm your password with Patreon to link your account.

If you're a steam user, you'll need to set up a password by linking your email address - there's a button for this in the main menu of the game.

Linking Patreon to your Discord Account

To get your Discord rewards, you'll need to link your Discord and Patreon accounts. This is done through Patreon's site, more info here 

We do not control the roles assigned by the Patreon bot on discord, linking there is the only way to get these rewards.

Custom Heads😍

Round Table patrons get a custom head in-game. However, this needs to be patched into the game and linked to your account so that everyone can see it, and this requires some work from us, and some work from you.

Turnaround can be up to a week or two in some cases. Please be aware of the lag time and work involved with getting a custom head in-game before subscribing!

To get your custom head in-game as soon as possible, you will need to provide us with:

Your head file

  • 64x16 pixel png file
  • 3 16x16 frames arranged horizontally: idle, attack, hurt
  • template here 

Your KAG username 

  • Helps us double check we've got the right person
  • Case sensitive

Get in touch with both either via Discord in #patron_chat, or via Patreon Messages.

You can often get help from community artists to get your head up to scratch and in game sooner, but please be aware that they're often working on a volunteer basis and are doing you a big favour by making your head - please say thank you if you receive help like this!

If you're technically savvy you can check out the details on github and issue a PR yourself - this saves a dev from having to work through the process with you. 💪

How long will it take? ⏱️ 

In-game rewards will be available as soon as our site gets an message from Patreon that you have subscribed - generally within an hour, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. If your payment takes some time to confirm, or Patreon decides they need to check up on your account, this can take a while to get to us. Please be patient! 

Why a Subscription? Why can't I just buy something? 

We often get requests to make the various Patreon awards available as one-off purchases, particularly custom heads.

While some awards may be made available this way (and some already are), subscriptions benefit the game's future prospects a lot more than "sales"; it's why we moved to a F2P model in the first place.

Remember, ultimately this is a sustainability measure to let a dedicated community support their indie online game into the future. We hope you'll want to get behind that goal.

Help! 🙏 

If you're having trouble at any point, or something you have questions about isn't covered here, the fastest way is to ask for help in the #help channel on Discord. Someone there can often point you in the right direction more or less around the clock.

You can also email [email protected] , or use the contact form, these are generally attended during European business hours.

We'll continue to update this post as any common points of friction become clear - if you have any ideas that might help new supporters, feel free to get in touch!

💖 Lots of love 💖


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