Social Media Feature: Lorna Jameson
Hi Patrons! We haven't done a Social Media Feature in a minute! So we thought you guys would like to have first dibs on the Artist in question:)

Our next feature artist is an  illustrator based in Bournemouth. Being inspired by the world around her, and finding inspiration in the beauty of natural forms, it’s Lorna Jameson! “My name is Lorna Jameson and I am a Bournemouth based illustrator with a love for nature, patterns and paper.”

Over the past year Lorna has spent time illustrating miniature worlds which can be found when the mundane is explored. Lorna uses recognisable vintage packaging, and a suggestion of paper textures, “I aim to give a sense of the viewer being an onlooker to a miniature landscape.” 

Lorna will often start off an illustration as a very rough sketch, in her sketchbook (huge fan-nice to meet ya). She develops this until it evolves into something she choices to finalies in Photoshop.