Socio Religico III
Grace's wreckage Derelict ghost psalms Pacifist numb in the throat Silent rogue moral tongue infection Bleeding hate's cursed vocabulary out This is greed's prejudice inherited confidence A cauterize burnt pride offering to avarice Queen of war's profit bullet slit wrists Bound by red blades to amputees Victims of shrapnel phantoms Where memory ache resides Within tormented dreams Grieving spell Mourning regret after Believing the riddles yet again Justifying tradition's control vibes Embed in pathetic morally defective psalms Memorized by labyrinthian centenarians of misery Post roman hypocrites ruling over full potential Exclaiming radical condemnations When in creeping sickness Belief disagreement Hiding in a curse Of words... and Inaction Beautiful conviction burial Atonement currency agreement All art under heaven scene of communication Pathetic metaphor sonnet lost psalms of fallen peace Painted obsidian with the ashes of untold angels As post roman heaven scented gladiators Hidden from the cycles of grace Behind the vale of inhumanity Debilitated from salvation Speaking words of hope Amidst brimstone Depths... In lieu of our participation in, Watching angels drown... In our depravity
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