The Soda Party
 Friends, Fam, and Fellow Philadelphia patriots. The TIME HAS COME FOR A REVOLUTION! If Philadelphia wants to charge us outrageous taxes for what we eat and drink we will just NOT DRINK THAT CRAP! You wanna charge me more for tea than gas? We will HAVE A TEA PARTY. Let’s all get together at a Philadelphia warehouse and dump out all that poison soda and let it run down into the sewer. Or even shut down the bridge on July 4th and pour a whole truck load of soda out into the river to prove a point. I made a go fund me for that now, and a political movement called the Philly Soda Party or just the Soda Party. We could start a new revolution or at least get this insane tax REVERSED. The last time WE AS A PEOPLE stood up for ourselves was when some HIGH ON THE MOUNTAIN red tie taxed our tea in a far away land and WE PICKED UP GUNS! WHERE IS YOUR ANGER?! WHERE IS YOUR SPIRIT?! BOYCOTT ALL SUGARY DRINKS PHILADELPHIA! DON’T PAY THEIR stealing tax. Taxation without representation will not be tolerated in this country! POUR THE SODA OUT! 
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