soft and loamy state.
so i just released a music video. it's for a song called 'soft and loamy state' which is a reference to pokemon emerald, where if you pick a berry it says "the soil returned to its soft and loamy state." the song was originally going to be on an album called BUGE. however, i ceased production on the album because it was just so god damn sad, and who needs that?

i'm now focused on making the most enlightened music i possibly can, even if i'm not feeling it at the time. if you face towards the light, the shadows will fall behind you, innit.

anyway, i thought i would upload it anyway just to acknowledge the hard times i was going through at the beginning of this year. for the first time in my life i really feel like i'm growing up now, and i'm finding peace in a way i didn't even know was possible. 

peace and love <3