Soft Launch and Tentative Content Schedule
Note: This post was edited to reflect a new content schedule and "official" launch date.

Hi everyone! After a LOT of thinking and tweaking, I've decided to soft-launch this page now in order to get it out there. No doubt, there will be more tweaking before the official launch date of October 1, 2016. But meanwhile, with the page launched, I can add links to it from my Web site and elsewhere and begin engaging here with patrons and others about my work

Here's the regular content I will initially aim to publish each month at a minimum (beginning in October 2016):

  • Every Week: A post sharing what I'm working on, one video demo or tutorial.
  • Week 1: Call for Studio Insiders Club submissions, present themed art poll to eligible patrons.
  • Week 2: Work on Studio Insiders Club submissions.
  • Week 3: Work on Studio Insiders Club submissions, send completed themed art piece to eligible patrons.
  • Week 4: Publish Watercolor High Five, work on Studio Insiders Club submissions.

Once my current commissions and freelance obligations are complete, this Patreon page and the audience will become a primary focus for sharing my art activities. We'll see how the schedule works out in practice; it might need some adjustments over time to be sustainable.

And just to start things off with art, I've included a recent page from one of my sketchbooks, done in watercolor with a little gel pen for highlighting. Can't live with out that gel pen! It really makes things pop in a sketch.