Softpop by Casper Electronics + Bastl Superbooth 2017
Many people asked me about the black portable synth in the Bastl documentary, that Peter Edwards was building at the time. Here it is, and it's called Softpop. I had a chat with Casper about it at Superbooth 2017. The name is coming from one of the original ideas to make a sort of sound that pops softly. But it doesn't stop there.

It's got a lot of interesting sonic possibilities, such as an extensive patch bay, you can process external audio, send and receive CV among other things.

More on Softpop here: 

It's just a few weeks away from production.

I think it's super cute with that handle and the light ball, and I like how Peter is always bringing a lot of philosophical thoughts into all of his products, that extends far beyond "let's make a cool sound" etc.

What do you think about it?