Software Editor for Roland JD-Xi R2
Here's the promised update for the Roland JD-Xi software control panel that works with Windows, OSX and Linux. This update includes oscillator controls for digital synths 1 & 2 plus a first version of 2 way communication control from synth to software and back for the listed parameters.

We're wanting to challenge everyone in the synth community to donate $1/mth or (ideally) more. If we can get 75 Patrons donating each month, it will allow us to purchase a new synth chosen by the community of Patrons based on what they need software VST/AU controllers for and we will create a new control panel for that synth.

We have a carrot, and the know-how, you have the sticks (funds) we need. This is our day job, as we try to make our passion (music and music tech) our career, so make us work harder and enable us to do bigger, better things and in turn, learn more, and we all succeed!

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