Software Inc Alpha 9 - Episode 3 - Expansion
Expanding the company!

It takes a large team to make a complex program in a reasonable amount of time. The design team draws up great plans. Development turns that into software. Marketing and support make sure it sells and keeps selling.

All these people need a desk, space to work, a computer, a nearby bathroom, something to eat, a place to eat it, COFFEEEEEE, water, access to a parking spot or nearby bus stop, and if there is a team lead, a meeting room to conduct meetings in.

The software itself needs to be printed locally on-site or ordered from a printing company. Couriers need to be hired for software printed on-site. The whole building needs maintenance personnel to fix lights and machinery, IT to clean up the computers, cleaning staff to clean up the floors, and chefs to cook for your employees.

All that adds up, both in terms of square footage as well as payroll. The key to success is to expand early but only when you can afford to, in order to cover everything that you want to do.

Needless to say, I screw up a bit. :) But that comes in a later episode.

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