Hey everyone! It's been a whiiiiiile since I last made a post here. And I'm really sorry about that!! Here's what's been up.

Some of you probably know that I moved to Portland at the beginning of December. I knew it was going to be a process of adjusting and settling in, but it's been a lot more than I bargained for! Bigger bills means taking up a lot more work than I did before, which means a lot less time to work on what I really wanna be doing! Which is, this. 

There's also the part where working in a new environment takes time to get used to. It's been taking a WHILE, but I've started to get my rhythm back! Which I'm happy about.

Big Crystals has been updating! Things got rocky for a little while, but they're more-or-less back on track with pages going up every Saturday. A lot of two-page updates, too! 

We're in the final stretch of chapter 1 (there's only, like, a dozen-ish pages left) so I'm very antsy to wrap that up and move on to the next part of the story very very soon. I'm very, very excited to start chapter 2. I hope you're excited to read it!! 

It's also been a while since I've mentioned Lola, the first visual novel project I talked about wayyyy last year. Reason is, it's still very far off! It's a big story that's going to all be released at once, and work hasn't even begun in earnest yet. It has a Real Name (which I won't talk about for a while) and a lot of writing/planning happens for it every week, but it's still far on the backburner. I'll let you know when things pick up for it! Here's Sterling, Lola and Gemini as a little treat.

And then there's Spare Parts! The thing I most want to talk about right now. 

I announced this project late last year saying I was working to release the first episode in early 2017. Turns out: that was hard! I got really busy with everything I've mentioned above and just didn't have the time or energy to spend on it, not nearly as much as I'd wanted. It went largely untouched for a while.

But good news: I'm back at it! I've found the fire again and I'm making sure work happens every week on it. 

The first episode is largely written, so all that's left is scripting the VN itself, and, uh, making a lot of art assets.......... So there's still a lot left to do, actually. But I'm gonna do it!! Just watch me!!!!

I'll be making sure to post updates for patrons as I get further along, as well, so watch out for those! Maybe consider pledging a few dollars huh!!!

I'm gonna go a little easier on myself this time and say that you can expect Spare Parts Episode 1 this summer! And then more episodes will come after that, in much shorter order!! It's gonna be great!!!

Say bye to Lucy 'til then!! She's excited to meet you!!!!