Solarfly 2,4h-PTU Profile Now Available

Hello Patrons!

Thank you all for your patience, support, contributions and feedback as always!

 If you are part of 2.4h-PTU, you may find the first beta release of the 2.4 profile at Note that the documentation isn't up to date yet, but the keybinding changes are substantial. This has been playtested by 3 people so far and the profile at least seems more stable that Star Citizen is at the moment.

Please let me know if you have feedback.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS PROFILE WITH 2.3.1! They are incompatible and your ship will do surprising, bad things. The 2.3.1 profile is, of course, available at for free, as always!

I am also working on CH Rudder pedal bindings, thanks to help from the community. Once I have that, I'll make it available and gain more feedback from CH rudder users.

The final release of the Live 2.4 profile will be the next milestone!



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