Solas test shoot
A lot of my cosplay friends are doing Valentine's day cosplay pinup photo shoots and I wanted to try something similar but could not for the life of me think of anything suitable that I could pull off with the characters that I've cosplayed so far. So, I ended up doing an impromptu shoot with my concept art Solas where I played around with lightning setups and improvised coloured gels. These three are the few pictures that turned out alright. They've only been minimally edited (fixed a few random glares and shadows that looked weird) and the colours are nearly exactly as I shot them.
If there's any interest in it I may post a before and after edit comparison. =)

This was a fun experiment and I'm looking forward to trying out different types of light setups and hopefully with full body pictures as well once I find a place that's big enough for it (my apartment is way too small to get proper full body photos).