Soldiers and Upgrades
I've been trying like crazy to complete as many page spreads as possible a week. Yesterday I managed to finish this one, which was a pretty simple job: a group of soldiers exploring a destroyed storefront.

I started out with the above soldier. I was using references, but they weren't quite right, so I did a lot of "making stuff up" because that's what I do. I also have a tendency to start inking before I've finished penciling everything, as you can see below.

I think I need to do a series of turnarounds for the soldiers, a series of drawings that show them from every angle, and what their gear and supplies look like. I want to have a basic design (knee pads, knife at belt, backpack, camo cape) but also have little modifications that each soldier might have made to their equipment.

Drawing the soldiers was the hardest part of this, mostly because I know so little about soldiers OR guns, but I know a LOT of strangers are more than willing to come up to me and tell me why I drew an AK47 wrong. I guess I just don't care enough to draw all the little details, and I make up stuff a lot - I think that drives some people crazy.

Also, I just realized as I was writing this that I used two different gun references in this drawing, which is why only two out of three guns have similar end barrel thingies.

Hiding the inked soldiers, I started working on the backdrop. I wanted to add graffiti and more signs to the storefront, but I also didn't want to lose the soldiers in the clutter of lines.

Above: the finished page spread. I forgot to draw the camo pattern n the middle soldier's cape, so I might have to go back in and fix that. Or I might leave that for when I color it.

My computer is headed over to a friend's house later tonight, and he's going to fix it up so it runs a little smoother, so I may not be updating much this weekend, but I'll return next week if nothing else!


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