Solid Gold, Baby: Special Episode 7!
It's time!!!

After 6 super fun episodes, we finally have our very first guest special! Today, we're talking to Vijaykumar Nair, marketing and sales expert, motivational trainer, co-creator of Launchpad, and most importantly, my wonderful dad! 

In this FREE HOUR-LONG EPISODE, we're talking all about the courage it takes to go off the trodden path and create your own career, the job market and how its changed over the thirty years dad's been a part of it for, and the essential shifts in consciousness that will allow brands and businesses become more socially aware and create products/services that serve people.

This episode was absolutely splendid to record, with a whole bunch of Aha! moments, so sit back with a snack and take notes, y'all, cause this is DEFINITELY solid gold, baby!

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