Solid Gold From Lee Branden & The Black Harness
In December, Blitz listeners were treated to one of the best Christmas songs I have ever heard in my life! My hand on heart, that is not an exaggeration. The song, "Every Christmas" by Philadelphia's Lee Branden & The Black Harness, was a song that brought a smile to my face and heart every single time we played it. It also hit number one on Frankie Mae's Weekend Countdown of the best Christmas songs of 2015.  Fast forward to January 2016, we've been honored to share more great music from this very talented singer/songwriter, producer. The proof is in the listening!

"Every Christmas" was not a one hit wonder to be sure. Lee has shared with the Morning Brew, five new tracks for listeners to enjoy, and boy have we been doing just that. Every morning for the last week, we've had a new song in our Spotlight Artist segment from Lee's band and our listeners are responding! Just today, They hit number one again on most requested song of the day,  with, "Don't Care What They Say." 

As I listen to all of the music by The Black Harness, I ask myself, what is it exactly that draws me to their sound? Is it the finely arranged orchestral? The vocals? Harmonies? And  while I'm busy trying to pinpoint it, I realize, it's everything. While each one stands clearly on its own, the mix is pure music. The kind of music we don't see young artists or producers even trying to attempt any more. Which makes me love, Lee Branden & The Black Harness that much more. You ever get that feeling when you discover a band and they become, YOUR band? That band that whenever any of their songs come on the radio, your friends think of you. That's how I feel towards this band. Because, you can tell, Lee is not only a great singer, but he's been inspired by the best. When I turn up the sound, I hear Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barrie White, Motown, The Beatles, Nirvana, and yeah, even a little Emimen. So while he takes inspiration from classic artists, he knows how to keep with the times of today's sound too. And with thirty years experience in the music business, Lee Branden & The Black Harness sounds fresh and yet timeless in the same moment. 

While learning more about this amazing artist, I discovered a quote I'd like to share with you from Lee himself.

~ Now is the time to rejoice and experience the full spectrum of musical talent that has not sold their creative soul to the major record labels. ~ Lee Branden 

Lee, we couldn't agree more! Thank goodness that talent such as yours can now reach the world! 

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