Solo Augmented Trumpet Set at Automata (LA)
Last week I had the immense pleasure of sharing a show with one of my best friends (and patrons!), who was on tour with his interactive sound and visual art performance project. Meason and his collaborator Emily create some really amazing work using live painting as control information for electronic sound generation and processing...I encourage you to check out their project here!  

Anyways, they stopped in Los Angeles for a few days and invited me to open for them at a little venue called Automata. I played a full solo improvised set using MIGSI, which was an amazing and new experience for me. Up until now all the pieces I have performed with MIGSI have been pretty composed, both in structure/form and sound content. This was the first performance in which everything was fully improvised, and it was a blast! The full performance video is linked above.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm as we continue to experiment and grow with MIGSI...I can't wait to share all of the upcoming projects with you!

With love,

- Sarah

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