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Solo Q&A S2E5: Scenic Tour
Solo Q&A S2E5: Scenic Tour 

Bonus League: Ratheart's Bay 

Hero League dominated the stream last week and S2E5 is your highlight reel. Three truly outrageous and hard fought games. 

Due to the volume of records in past weeks, I am still releasing older vods to the channel.


Training Wheels: Genji has lead to a lot of very interesting feedback. Shorter videos have always been best for YouTube audiences and even this late into Heroes of the Storm's release, people are hungry to learn tactics that they can apply directly to their games. It's easy for me to assume that we have all been on this learning adventure together. That by showing game-play I am demonstrating the total sum of knowledge that we have accrued. 

/KyleFergusson will remain a long form video channel housing the best games from the Twitch streams. I have begun work on launching a companion youtube channel for L2P videos under 5 minutes. I hope to share it with you all shortly.

Thank you all for your continued support!