Solved: January Riddle of the Month
The January Riddle of the Month has been solved by Zeke Fenelon! I'll be posting his prize sketch along with the solution to the riddle once it's finished. Now that the riddle has been solved and we have a winner, feel free to send as many guesses as you'd like. I'll also go ahead and post the riddle to FB for people to have fun with there. 

Don't Forget - There are still several unsolved riddles from previous months active!

Thank you for playing, Patrons!

And for non-patrons who'd like to see the riddle and might be allergic to Facebook, here you go:

Thick skin and a strange neck;

A welcome, short-legged pet.

Black heart, Bright heart

Feeding me is a delicate art.

I feast upon the bloodless dead,

Purring noisily as I’m fed.