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SOMA Video
Lucky for me this video was way more straight forward to make. But it still had some difficulties.

This video was easier to focus on and make than the Oblivion video because the highlights are clear and easy to find. What parts were scary? Alright, but those parts in the video.

There are still things to take into account with the edits though. For one, I don't want to put every single scary part of the game into the video. For length reasons, repetition and because I respect the game too much to give away all its scares. The game is fantastic, if people want to know what else happens in it they can play it or watch a play through to see everything themselves. 

Secondly, you also have to make the decision of how you want the video to flow.

The hardest part of this video was figuring out how to start it off and how to keep the flow up.

Basically, what do I open the video up with and where do I make my cuts with the scares that require a bit of lead up to them. How much of the situation do i show before hand and where can I make cuts to save some time. The other issue I had was what to do with the pauses. Part of me wanted to take the pauses out and edit around them. But the cuts were never smooth enough and the clips lost a lot of emotion since there were more reactions from us during them. So I kept the pauses in and cut around a few of them.

No music was added to this video because SOMA is a heavily atmospheric game on its own. Adding non diegetic music to the mix would just ruin the atmosphere in the clip so that's why there's none. In addition, I went into this video expecting to do lots of closeups and zoom-ins like I did in the Oblivion video but i ended up doing far less than I expected. Once again I felt as though they messed with the atmosphere and I pretty much only did them when the game was paused. I didn't want to do a zoom in of my face while the game was running because then you'd only get a screen of my reaction, and not what I'm reacting to. So while the game was running I left the camera alone so you can see my reactions and the game at the same time.

After I created the SOMA highlight video that's linked here I had to then Cut up the entire VOD's into 24, 30-min parts to upload to my Vod youtube channel. Which means that I have to go through the actual entirety of the play through, review it and add cuts where necessary. In the situation of the SOMA local recorded files.

OBS and Adobe Premiere were giving me trouble. For some reason the high quality recordings I made through OBS became unsynced when ported into Adobe Premiere for editing. Which means that I had to manually sync the Audio and Video in the clips and make sure they were fixed in every single part of the 24 parts.

I also have to cut out bathroom breaks and other extended amounts of time where I wasn't playing. 

Still easier than the Oblivion Video though.