Somali Children Learn Al Quran With Wooden Root.
The extreme drought that plagued Somalia, forcing hundreds of thousands of families with their children to live to flee to other locations close to water aid. Refugee life means roughing up, no electricity, no kitchen, no school for children. But life must go on, the future of Somali children must be close to dreams. With limited limitations, Somali children are forced to practice reading and writing, and studying religion in madrasah that stands in a perfunctory manner. Ground floor, without walls, and only surrounded by dry wooden stems. Not infrequently they also attend the madrassas that are outside the room, with hot air due to severe drought. Imagine with ourselves, how easily Muslims in this country to be able to pray, study or even to study religion. Mosques are scattered in various places, madrassas, formal schools and boarding schools too. Not only that, pesantren have also applied various technological devices as well as in modern boarding school. We can easily read the Quran even when not carrying the Quran though. Stay open gadget device, already available Al-Quran digital version. Friends, may we always include in the group of people who are always grateful. One form of gratitude is to set aside some of the sustenance we receive, to lift the hope of Somali children who are faced with the test of life every day.